Top 3 social media tips during a pandemic

In times of uncertainty, we often hear questions from our clients about whether or not they should continue to post on social media. Will it come across as insensitive? Will anyone even see it? From our perspective, now is definitely not the time to go silent. To post or not to post during a crisis or pandemic? Here are several important points to consider as you adapt your social strategy during this current reality:

  1. Continue to tell your story. Sure, the tone and focus may shift, but it’s important that your customers and connections know you’re still there and aware of what is going on in the market and in the world. Are you doing anything to help the community right now? Are you creating products or materials that are critical or part of an essential process? There’s a way to tell that story in an informational format that lets your audience know your current focus.
  2. Don’t sell hard. You can still focus on the benefits of your product or process, but keep it straightforward and simplistic. People are spending a lot of time consuming information right now. Avoid overselling or using insensitive language. Reiterate that you have been there for your customers and will continue to be as you maintain connections and relationships.
  3. Communicate how your company or team is handling the situation. Show empathy. Whether or not you generate content about how your team is working remotely or show appreciation to those who are still in the trenches, giving others a glimpse into this world demonstrates that deep human connection even further.

How are you handling your social strategy right now?

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