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Giving Back

Giving back through charitable marketing

Collage of GlobalHMA giving back to community

One of the core values at globalHMA is being a force for good – and that carries through in the work we do with our clients, coworkers, and the community.

We’ve been lucky to partner with various non-profit organizations to solve their complex challenges. Whether developing a website, creating a marketing campaign to raise funds for a scholarship, or filling a critical position, we use the same best practices and processes to strategize and implement the right plans for the right audiences.

We also believe in giving back through activities like volunteering our time and conducting charity drives to collect food and personal care items for those in need.

We consistently encourage each other to give through our time, talents, and passions inside and outside globalHMA.

Here are a few organizations we love and support as an agency and as individuals. Feel free to check them out and find out how you can help too.

Alzheimer’s Association
Hospice and Community Care
Interserve USA
Lancaster Public Library
National Scleroderma Foundation
Lancaster History
St. John’s Episcopal Church
CWS Lancaster
Landis Valley