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45 years and counting...

Established in 1979 under the name Howard Miller Associates, globalHMA has evolved significantly since its inception. As a full-service agency today, we embrace traditional approaches such as print and direct mail while living and breathing the latest technology. We take our work seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously. How else would we remain creative? Simply put, we are an experienced agency that knows how to navigate the current sophisticated, technology-driven world we live in while incorporating classic methods.

Who we are

Our team is composed of dedicated problem-solvers, doers, dreamers, believers, and visionaries, each of whom is an expert who covers every critical area of advertising and digital marketing. Fueled by our passion and a good cup of coffee, we pursue success, embrace tough subjects, and use technology partnered with expertise to handle complex projects effectively. Meet the team.

Drew Dorgan

Company visionary and trailblazer, conceptual strategist, technology trendsetter, and Google expert

Jeremy Roig
Digital marketing manager

Master campaign manager with a flair for digital ad optimization in complex technical markets

Breana Leonard
Junior account coordinator

Perceptive communicator with an artistic eye for user interface and customer experience

Andrew Hughmanick
Technology innovator director

Bold, imaginative designer with a penchant for code dev, offering a unique perspective on UI/UX design

Olivia Fassnacht
Graphic designer

Flexible designer with a unique perspective and an intense dedication to fine detail

Gage Magar
IT specialist

Keeping our clients and team on the cutting edge with IT expertise

Oleksandr Rudenko
Mobile developer

Creative mobile app developer with extensive coding capabilities who can fix all things digital

Amanda Vera
Vice president

Insightful planner, purposeful leader, relationship builder; able to map and deliver overall perspective, and a social marketing maven

Robyn Klawitter
Account executive

A keen understanding of strategic positioning with PR expertise that helps clients excel in their industries

Derick Galarza
Junior account coordinator

Energetic liaison with a talent for first-class account service and developing innovative solutions

Kali Muthersbaugh
Interactive designer

Snazzy and engaging interactive designer and video editor with the ability to make things pop and stand out

Ian Cooper
Graphic designer

Designer with a fine art flair and an eye for quality and consistency demanded by brand guidelines

Tetiana Kozelska
Full-stack developer

Tetiana builds and maintains intricate, user-friendly databases

CR Hiestand
IT director

Gifted with tech and all things IT, keeping our clients secure and ahead of the curve

Jamie Wilson
Operations director

Organizational and traffic queen with an eye on deadlines and budgets

Alexandra Neiderer
Account coordinator

A grammar queen with excellent writing abilities that promote engagement and understanding

Erin Lebo
Creative director

Flexible and resourceful coordinator, self-proclaimed typography nerd, creative strategist with a designer’s eye

Roy Maxfield
Interactive designer

Thoughtful and intentional interactive designer and video editor with an eye for optimal user interface

Rita Kissam
Business manager

Knowledgeable, accurate, and efficient money manager operating from a strong work ethic

Alex Oborin
Full-stack developer

Alex deploys intuitive interfaces and maintains secure data flow of content within databases

Do good

We believe that success should wield a positive influence – benefiting our clients and the world at large. Our “Do Good, Make Good” promise embodies this philosophy. In every campaign we devise, our focus extends beyond delivering outstanding outcomes for your business; we strive to benefit the broader community. Whether we are backing local initiatives, contributing to charitable endeavors, or championing sustainable methods, our motivation stems from the conviction that shared success holds the greatest value.

Workhorse: Our sister company

For reliable and robust solutions, look no further than our sister company, Workhorse Development. Specializing in strategic planning and developing custom, impactful applications, we cater to businesses within heavy industries like agriculture, healthcare, construction, chemicals, and beyond. No market landscape intimidates us; we are equipped to deliver the exceptional results our clients need.


Our team is an unusual one. Everyone on the team is creative. Everyone is a technologist. Everyone is an innovator. Everyone solves challenges for each other and our clients every day. While our work practices are routine, our work and our clients are not. It takes smart, fast thinking. If this sounds like you, we would like to talk.

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