Repurpose your marketing content

For those of us working from home or adjusting to a new work style through this pandemic, it may seem difficult to generate new content in the form of videos, photos, interviews, workshops, etc. since we can’t be on site or physically collaborate in person. That certainly doesn’t mean our content has to suffer. As hard as it may seem to create it in the first place, utilizing evergreen content or repurposing old and making it new again are both ways in which you can continue to speak to your customers and stay in front of them in a variety of channels.

Video content

Shooting live video is not an option for many right now, but there are still ways to create a brand new video. Consider your current photo resources – an asset library or photos from a previous shoot. Use stills to generate a new product or service video to demonstrate benefits and further brand awareness.

You can also take live footage from a previous video and repurpose it as part of a new piece of content, mixing stills and live footage together to create something brand new. All it takes is a punchy and relevant script, and old is new again.

Social content

Check your editorial calendar and pinpoint the evergreen content. This type of content may include product highlights, instructional documentation or industry-related challenges. Because it is not time sensitive or out-of-date, it can be reused on multiple channels. Social media moves so quickly, so hitting your followers with it again will increase the chances of them being exposed to the information.

Case studies

If you are experiencing any downtime, take the opportunity to develop case studies based on previous successes. This allows potential customers to gain a deeper view into how your products or services work and how their challenges can be met with a similar solution. Be sure to include statistics and relevant data.


Consider prepping content and transforming it into an infographic. Is there a special method to use when selecting a product? Do you have a process to review on how a product works within a specific application? An infographic is a quick, creative and fun way to share your product, process or information with your customers in a visually appealing manner. It is also a tool you can utilize in many channels – email, social, on your website, as a whole or spliced into attention grabbing teasers.

Are you reusing your content? What are other ways you can make old new again?

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