LinkedIn sponsored content opportunities

Who else gets excited when they read or hear about social channel feature releases or improvements? Now that LinkedIn has officially released the sponsored video content feature to everyone, I can’t wait to try it for globalHMA, Workhorse and our other clients.

Just as Andrew explained in his last blog post, video is still very important. Combining that necessary and masterful piece of content, along with the targeting features in LinkedIn, should allow for impressive statistics.

Not only can you target by job title, company name, industry and other demographics, you can also create a look-alike audience that is in line with other key accounts, potential leads or customers.

LinkedIn’s matched or look-alike audiences also allow you to further reach out to your website visitors on its platform. Adding the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your site is the critical component when using this tool. LinkedIn users who have visited your site will then be part of your sponsored content audience. This is the perfect way to further nurture those leads through the sales funnel. Account and contact targeting are other options to consider.

Based on our experience, LinkedIn sponsored content can be utilized in a variety of ways. Whether you are promoting a webinar or specific event or gathering leads, there are opportunities waiting for you. By creating a conversion action after implementing your Insight Tag, you can measure success by tracking results within LinkedIn’s campaign dashboard and through your own Analytics platform. The key is consistently tracking results in order to run A/B tests and multiple creative formats to figure out what really resonates with your audience. Strong, relevant copy with a clear call-to-action will show prospects what’s in it for them.

With such rich content features on LinkedIn, you should strongly consider implementing sponsored content into your marketing mix if you haven’t already.

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