Zach and Dianne — Two American Kids Doing the Best They Can

Yes. They had a theme song before they even arrived — played over the intercom and sung frequently albeit off-key. Zach Satko and Dianne Eveler, the two newest HMA-ers, survived their baptism by fire, speed dating/training through their first two weeks, learning how to engage in the team and being fruitful for our clients. Their training encompassed everything from complete client reviews to technical lessons on our SEO “secret sauce.” Zach is already applying his keen research abilities and what he learned to our clients’ online campaigns. Meanwhile, Dianne’s technical skills and new understanding of HMA technologies is helping establish new, accurate and responsive production systems when creating materials for our global vendors.

As both our virtual team and home-base team grow, we embrace the changing work force. Gone are the days when employees specialized in one skill and worked alone in their cubicles. Welcome to the global digital work world of challenges and constantly evolving technical requirements. Our latest hires and our current team, regardless of age, have embraced the digital realm, the necessity to learn new things and the need to operate as a team both in-person and virtually.

With apologies to Howard who encouraged me to never be a braggadocio, the results are sweet. I am proud of our team; they bend over backward to earn their clients’ respect by never compromising the quality of their work — even when the budget doesn’t match.

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