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What’s the Big Deal with WeChat?

WeChat is just another SMS messaging app along the lines of Facebook’s recently acquired WhatsApp, Japan’s Line, and South Korea’s Kakao Talk, right? Wrong.

WeChat is China’s number one SMS messaging app owned by a little known company (that happens to be huge) named Tencent. If you haven’t heard of either of these two power houses, it’s in your best interest to tune in; that is, if you want anything to do with real-time, social media in Asia. And yes, this does apply to all of you who just rolled your eyes and thought, “Okay, another consumer-oriented app in my B2B world.”

In fact, WeChat is the chosen method of communication by businesses and sales people in China, including those individuals in customer service positions. All of us here at HMA have experienced first hand the power of WeChat’s official accounts for companies/brands.

One of our newer clients to WeChat recently discovered that their sales force in China is already using their personal WeChat accounts to communicate with customers on a business and personal level. By creating an official account page for this client, and working with the client’s sales team, we are able to share news with them faster and in a way that will ensure more interaction throughout China than methods like sending an email blast or posting on Twitter. WeChat also allows the sales team to pass relevant information along to their customers more easily, and opens the door for more informed discussions.

The potential is high for enhanced communication through the use of WeChat in Asia. As Tencent continues to add features to WeChat, such as QR codes that scan directly into the WeChat app, its functionality and ease of use are getting better and better. While real-time media has been seen as a risky investment, WeChat isn’t something to overlook if you’re serious about doing business in today’s Asian business world.