What LinkedIn’s latest update means for your marketing presence

Since their acquisition by Microsoft, the team at LinkedIn has gone to great lengths to improve their users’ experience. They are dedicated to making LinkedIn more than just a “website for job postings,” but a platform for professionals to discuss and highlight their careers. Last month their development team posted some new features that you might be excited to use.

Organizing and recognizing your team

LinkedIn allows you to identify user connections as members of your team. This can be great not only for visualizing the flow of your organization to others, but to help you recognize the talents and accomplishments of your team members. With Team Moments, users can welcome or celebrate teammates and share it with their connections.

Making your event stand out through LinkedIn

Previously on LinkedIn, if you wanted to inform your audience about an event you’re hosting, it would have to be done in an ordinary post. With LinkedIn’s new update, you can create public or private events to share with your followers and connections. This can have a lot of great benefits if you’d like to share your company’s upcoming events, like a reception or seminar.

Is LinkedIn making a move into the freelancer market?

In 2020’s digital gig economy, independent freelancers are a vital tool in getting the results you need. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have made connecting with freelancers, and vice versa, easier than ever. With LinkedIn’s new ‘Open for Business feature,’ you can now showcase freelance services you provide directly on your profile.

As of right now, you can’t actually make a formal service agreement or make a payment through LinkedIn, but the introduction of the feature could mean that Microsoft is looking to turn LinkedIn into a one-stop shop for business professionals.

Verifying your skills with LinkedIn

It’s always important to stay up to date with the skills and practices you need to thrive in your career. It also helps to make sure that you let your skills be known, whether they’re colleagues, clients, or potential employers. With LinkedIn’s new skill verification, you can now take short assessment tests for skills like C++, or Adobe Illustrator. After passing the test, you can put a skill badge on your profile, allowing others to see what you can really do.

How will you use LinkedIn’s new features? What features are you looking for next from Linkedin?

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