What clients like about billing…wait, what?

Is it that they love paying the bill? No, the billing process is about more than asking your client to pay money…  it’s a time to recap the work you’ve done so they see the effort you put into their project and how that work has helped them. It’s an opportunity to continue to build a good relationship with them.
Relating the amount of the invoice to the work done and detailing your efforts reflects value to the client.

Overall, clients want to know that you are concerned about them and that you are competent and efficient… your client wants to know that you appreciate them. Being courteous and professional throughout the project, including the billing process, is being respectful of your client.

Helpful billing steps to use include:

  • Keep the description simple and concise to avoid confusion
  • Make sure the invoicing matches your estimate so there are no surprises
  • Be punctual with your billing timelines
  • Use incremental billing so your client isn’t faced with a huge bill at the end of the project
  • Offer several payment options

You can make the billing experience more convenient for your client if you find ways to show them you care about them, as well as the work you’re doing for them. Being genuinely interested makes the relationship about more than just the dollars.

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