ux user experience principles

User experience isn’t just for apps

While the terms user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are often blurred together, they are two very different parts of the development of a product. User interface involves the design and interactions of a piece of digital media. On the other side, UX is applied to pretty much anything in the digital and non-digital world. User experience refers to a person’s entire experience using a product, system or service. And this term is mentioned a lot in app development.

On a basic level, UX design is referred to as the structure of a product, and UI is associated with the design and interaction with that structure. In order for an app to be successful, it’s important to focus on both the UX and UI during development. You can have a wonderful structure, but if your user interface lacks in quality, it can actually deter your visitors from using the app.

This concept rings true to a lot of other digital mediums as well. When working with marketing automation, the automation software plays a key part in the success of the UX when an email is sent. Many more parts play a role in the UX aside from the software itself. First, consider the research and data behind the email marketing. Was the email sent to the right people? Are the emails targeting the correct audience? Are the emails sent at the right time of day? Are you executing the right message?

While the design of an email is crucial to its success, a designer needs to have a decent understanding of the product UX as well. A designer needs to do the research to prepare for the proper interface. When sending out an email for a clothing retailer, the targeted audience most likely wants to see the product. To be successful, a designer will need to include more imagery, compared to a more technical product. You may want to offer different functionality that will aid in the success of an email as well. Should your email contain a share or forward button? How important is the tracking of your email? Using the tracked data, what future changes should be made to both the UX and UI of an email?

User experience can also impact the design of a landing page. When mocking a landing page or template, a designer must understand the technical capabilities and functionality of the landing page. A designer can easily jump right into a design program and create one of the most beautiful looking website designs anybody has ever seen. The website can be visual appealing yet not function. But if the functionality suffers due to the design, the marketing agency, client and target audience all have a problem.

While user experience plays true to app development, there is a lot to think about when it comes to the UX design of the many other forms of digital media. Using a combination of both user experience and user interface in your design will assure your target audience gets the most out of your website, landing page, email or app.

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