Top 4 link building tactics for SEO

Natural link building is crucial to increasing your rank in search engines. The more relevant links you have, the more credible you appear to your visitors. This also can help increase brand awareness. Below we break down how you can start earning links to your website.

1. Write content that is worth linking to

Ensure that your website content or real-time media posts are going to give your readers useful information that they can use towards an action. Having relevant content makes other websites more likely to link to yours when your content is helpful to visitors.

2. Publish posts that contain expert opinions in specific fields

Having expert and informed opinions available on your website only increases your credibility and, in turn, link-ability. This shows that you have chosen key influencers in your niche and you understand what kind of expert opinions your readers need to consider before taking action.

3. Linking with social media

Understand that having a link to your website in your social posts does not count as a natural link. We recommend when you are writing social posts, you are writing with the goal of having users share or retweet your post for others to enjoy, which in turn increases brand awareness and credibility, making users want to link to your site.

4. Internal linking

Your website contains multiple pages and blog posts, so why not take advantage and link one page to another within your content? For example, you can briefly explain a topic on one area of your site as an intro or teaser, and then link this content to a page or section that explains the topic in more detail. This is a great way to build internal links. Remember, when setting up internal links on your site, try to keep your audience in mind and create links that make the most sense so they get most out of your content.

Now that you’re in the business of link building, you will soon reap the benefits of brand awareness, increased traffic to your site, potential new relationships and increased credibility in your industry.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below. What are some benefits that you have received from link building?

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