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Tips for creating the ideal stat report

The main focus of any campaign or project is to enact a purposeful effort that generates positive change. In order for a campaign to be successful, it requires strategic planning and careful thought. The first obstacle is to understand campaigns take time. We often translate to our clients that campaigns or projects we run are marathons, not sprints. Results don’t happen over night.

As we work through the marathon, we are able to adjust campaigns, whether it’s Google AdWords, real-time media or email campaigns by using our digital tools to help acquire the desired results.

Providing a stat report with actionable results gives our clients real insights. It also allows us to determine what’s working and where improvements need to be made. It’s crucial to review reports both internally and with our clients. This way, we ensure we are making the appropriate adjustments to create a successful campaign.

Below are six reporting tips we use to create the ideal stat report and convey campaign results to our clients:

  1. A great report is relevant and easy to understand. We keep it simple, first addressing the main deliverables of the campaign.
  2. Attractive, well-organized visuals intrigue clients to keep reading; hook, line and sinker. It’s more aesthetically pleasing to include images, graphs or charts.
  3. Provide action items to improve the campaign or project. It’s important to determine what will set our client apart from their competitors.
  4. Provide metrics on a regular basis. Consistency is key and shows clients we are actively monitoring their campaign. Aside from providing clients a monthly, quarterly or yearly report, we try to send them a quick email or call about a recent improvement or adjustment made to one of their campaigns and explain the improvements.
  5. Use percentages, not just whole numbers. From personal experience, a lot of our clients find more interest in the percentages of results vs. general numerical values.
  6. Proof, review and proof again. Small inconsistencies or grammatical errors can stick out like a sore thumb. It helps to have someone else proof the report for accuracy.

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