Social media: when to post and how often

Are you posting on social media and not getting the results you want? Every social media channel is different, and each has its own recommended frequency for posting content. The tips shared below will help provide you with what to post, when to do it and how often it should be done.


The frequency depends on whether you have over 10,000 followers or less.

Posting 2x per week is typically the unwritten “rule.” Try to post at least 1-5 times per month. The more you post,  the more likely you are to get more clicks.

Best time: Post in the mid- to late-afternoon.


1-5 Tweets per day are recommended. It increases audience engagement. You can also create Moments on Twitter, which is a string of thoughts in Tweet format. Images are also known for getting more media engagements, including more clicks.

Best time: Post mid-morning or early afternoon.


Consistency matters on Instagram. The best frequency is one you can keep up with overall. This site is also fantastic for micro-blogging and storytelling because of its high character count.

Best time: Evenings are best for posting.


Post once a day, Monday through Friday, up to five times a day. Remember, this content is more professional in nature, but can be used for inspirational posts too.

Best time: Post in the early morning or evening.

Take Away: 

Be consistent.

Images are ideal for all sites and generally receive more traffic.

Post as often as you can.

Have engaging, entertaining, useful content.

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