Social media – more than just posting content

With every business opportunity, comes the challenge of creating and maintaining a presence on social media. When using social media, businesses can utilize different platforms to appeal to different audiences or engage with the public.

Social media is a great tool when it comes to tracking different trends or seeing how many views or impressions you can get on a specific post. Using social media also allows businesses to see what competitors are doing and how to make themselves better as a whole. Often times, businesses will get caught up in the brainstorming and creating of social media posts. While the time spent on creating the post is important, it’s not always about the content that is being posted that has the most impact.

Tracking your posts

Each month, going back and reviewing previous posts can help a business learn from their successes. The only way to know if you are performing well on social media is by going back and gathering data from the previous month. Seeing if a specific post at a certain time is doing better than one at an earlier time will help encourage posting regularly. Take into account the day of the week, the time of day, and what type of content was posted. All of this information will help you formulate the best plan moving forward.

Learning from your competitors

Social media is an easy way to get an inside look at your competitors and how they engage with their followers. Viewing what your competitors are doing on social media allows you to learn what may be working best for them and shared target audiences. But just because something works well for one business does not always mean it is going to work well for everyone else. This is just one part of the puzzle.

Social media allows businesses to utilize the statistics they gather from their posts. The social media stats offer a clearer picture of the platform in which people are interested in viewing the posts. Depending on which generation the follower is from, they may prefer Facebook over an Instagram or Twitter post. Seeing the trends within social media can give your business a different take on what works well. While you want to maintain different content than your competitors, it is beneficial to review what they are offering to their audiences. Developing and creating content for social media is important, but it’s not always just about the content.

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