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Gearing up for events with social media

When gearing up for an event, like a tradeshow or speaking engagement, it’s important to consider your digital marketing. Your brand’s social media presence is a huge part of creating a successful event! Below are five tips we use for social media event promotion:

1. Create an event hashtag

Most event organizers have a hashtag you can use to get your message to the attendees. Creating your own unique hashtag for the event will help organize all your tweets, Instagram posts, etc. in one place. It gives event attendees an at-a-glance view of your show involvement, products and services.

2. Interact and engage

While this is always important, it becomes even more important at events. You are likely to see some of the people who engage with you on your social channels in person. Be sure to respond in a timely manner, as some may be looking for specific information related to the show.

3. Run a contest

Consider running a contest incorporating your social media channels and the live event. A contest is the perfect way to get people involved with your company or brand. Organize a drawing in the stand and require attendees to enter the contest via one of your social media channels.

4. Engage with industry media

Be sure to follow relevant media outlets on your social media channels. Publish snippets of news releases, specifically about the event. This is a good (and inexpensive) way to get news out about your participation before the event even happens.

5. Plan ahead

Research and plan! Be sure you know what hashtags to use, what media contacts to attend the event and how you will engage with attendees/followers. Even though social media is live, companies and brands must have plans in place for big events. An organized plan ensures you are using the social media event promotion efficiently and effectively.

Need help creating a social media event promotion plan for your next big event? We can help!

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