Snapchat custom filters

Snapchat, using custom filters and why you should

Snapchat is a valuable asset for businesses who are trying to increase their social media presence. Building brand awareness, sharing updates and exclusive content, and the sharing of coupons & holding contests are some of the ways that Snapchat increases a business’s presence on social media platforms. Based on a demographic study from eMarketer, most Snapchat users are among the millennial generation. If a business is looking to engage with millennials, Snapchat is a quick and effective way to connect with them.

When a business brings Snapchat into their office, they are allowing users to see what their place of work is like and consumers can see what’s going on behind the scenes. Snapchat is a quick way for users to share their content with their followers. Followers become knowledgeable of the business’s brand based on what they see on the “Snap.” In order to keep users up-to-date with the newest products and promotions, it’s important to maintain and post regularly to your account. Businesses who frequently utilize Snapchat and engage with their followers will help create brand awareness in their local area.

Sharing updates and exclusive content on Snapchat helps a business share new or up and coming products with its followers. In an attempt to maintain and create relationships with an audience, businesses could offer a behind the scenes look at new products they have coming out. Offering a Snapchat story of a new product or an existing product with the latest updates can give the viewer a preview of what the product can do making he or she more prone to make a purchase.

A business can also utilize Snapchat to offer a specific promotion through the use of coupons or holding a contest. Businesses that use Snapchat for promotions can display a coupon code during their Snapchat story in which customers can utilize the coupon code and entice them to visit their website. This can also help provide better analytics. A business could also create a Snapchat filter for an upcoming anniversary or milestone acknowledging the anniversary or informing followers that a significant event is taking place.

Snapchat is a quick and effective way for businesses to create and maintain relationships with their followers. Remember to monitor your metrics frequently and post content on a regular basis.

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