In the non-profit realm, our team excels in weaving compelling narratives, crafting visually stunning campaigns, and developing resonant branding strategies that bring the heart of a cause to the forefront. Collaborating closely with non-profit partners, we passionately translate intricate missions into accessible and inspiring stories for diverse audiences.

Client Profile

Episcopal Home



The web presence of a non-profit healthcare home for at-risk elders had an outdated website that needed to communicate its vision clearly and be used as an avenue to conduct fundraising.


The initial issues of user navigation and mobile accessibility were addressed through strategic analytics and user engagement. Our team crafted a clean, readable, and mobile-friendly design, optimizing visibility on search engines. Migrating to WordPress for user-friendly maintenance results in a transformative web experience that effectively communicates the organization’s message across devices.


Families could better understand the non-profit’s vision and mission with cleaner and more user-friendly navigation and design. The non-profit had an online space to create awareness about what it does in order to better fundraise to meet the needs of the at-risk elders.