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A large insurance company needed to gain attendance at an annual event to forge stronger relationships with specific municipalities.


Collaborating closely with our healthcare client, we refined a target list of 200 government officials attending a major show, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Simultaneously, we executed a comprehensive three-month direct contact campaign, leveraging various channels such as direct mail, email invitations, reminder email blasts, and personalized phone calls to nurture leads into attendance. Concurrently, our team meticulously coordinated and executed the event, managing logistics, designing materials, and liaising with venues.


The outcome was exceptional, with 104 attendees surpassing the goal by 30%, and last-minute cancellations minimized to less than 1%, optimizing every budget dollar. This successful model is not unique; our collaboration with Cigna demonstrated consistent results, showcasing a remarkable reduction in government officials’ cancellation rates from over 50% to an impressive 10%, enhancing the effectiveness of their critical sales event year after year.