match caterpillar's built-for-it campaign

Match Caterpillar’s #BuiltForIt Campaign on a Budget

If you’re in the construction industry, in fact, even if you’re not, you may have noticed Caterpillar’s most recent and ongoing #BuiltForIt campaign. If you haven’t yet seen any of the video shorts yet, they’re definitely worth a 10-minute YouTube break: JENGA, “Bull in a China Shop” and Gravity. These types of campaigns take many resources – a film crew, interactive team and space, just to name a few. Translation: they’re expensive, and as a result, not suitable for all companies. What if your company could garner the same results with a less expensive campaign? What if you could piece apart this campaign and recreate it to match any budget? No worries, you can!

First, let’s start with scale. Okay, so you can’t scale down the equipment itself, stuck already? No way! Don’t spend the money moving the equipment to a warehouse space you have to rent. Bring the pieces to the equipment. Scale down the operation in order to save on unnecessary costs. You probably don’t actually need a full film and lighting crew either. Does your agency have an in-house team that can handle this task? In most cases, the answer is yes. At HMA we have all of the tools necessary for filming, including a few extras like a GoPro camera and a drone for the really fun projects.

Caterpillar uses a huge JENGA game, a whole China shop AND they developed their own smart phone app specifically for use on construction sites. I’m sure you’re not interested in replicating the Caterpillar campaign to a T, but a few examples of how you could replicate their ideas should get the creative, budget-friendly juices flowing. Depending on the products, skills or services your company wants to showcase, this is not a hard workaround. I bet you weren’t aware you can rent relatively inexpensive life-size board games. Recreating a China shop? A quick trip to the Dollar Store can solve this problem. As cliché as it sounds, where there’s a will, there’s a way with these kinds of projects.

Finally, the real-time media piece is probably the easiest and least costly. Caterpillar showcased their people in their videos and translated that to their real-time media channels using the hashtag #BuiltForIt. One of the least expensive pieces of a campaign like this is generating content based on the interactive pieces and telling the story through your company’s real-time media channels.

Stay tuned for more, because we’re in the middle of a few really exciting projects like this right now!