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Marry your digital tools in an integrated marketing I do

Over the past few months, people consumed our blog using three tools: Google AdWordsreal-time media and marketing automation. We’ve collectively expressed the huge impact these tools can have in promoting and telling the story of your company or brand. Now, I’d like to introduce the hard part: integrating all three of these tools with integrated marketing.

Integration is the true strategy. It’s where the actual success of your digital life hinders. Integrated marketing brings together all the research, creative briefs, focus points, goals and content you’ve developed for each tool. Together, it tells one cohesive story, to give one cohesive face to the world.

In a world where a brand is determined by perception instead of the story you share, you must be direct and integrated in telling these stories. One false move, and you quickly cut the trust with your audience. Everyone’s watching. Everyone’s waiting to jump.

Consistent messaging and complete synchronization are key to success with your digital marketing strategy.

Without integrated marketing, your brand has holes, and your audience will see right through them. Don’t let that happen.

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