Jason & LeMaire — Taking Us to a Whole New Level of Web Prowess

We added two more guys – yes, guys – to the HMA team.  The women are nearly outnumbered!  The digital world is evolving faster, and we want to not just keep pace, but lead.  Our challenges in interactive design and development include merging the science of search engine optimization with multiple coding languages of our client’s large websites.  From cultural differences to site architecture differences to security differences, we love the challenge of delivering our client’s message in this cyber jungle.

Jason and LeMaire will be dealing with international email law differences, site architecture done in everything from SharePoint to Cold Fusion to HTML5, content management systems that are all different, as well as our continuously changing best practices for search engine optimization.  We welcome them, and are pleased that they were able to make it through our rigorous interview and testing process.  Web developers are hard to come by — we are glad to get two of the smartest ones out there and to be blessed with enough work for them and our regular band of freelancers.  Check back in six months to see if they agree that they have never worked harder and learned so much, and to see what they have taught us!

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