Innovation Day Recap

Thursday mornings are Innovation Day at HMA, which means we share the latest and greatest in technology and digital news. Here’s a run down of few news items shared:

Google continues to move toward dominating the Internet and Facebook adds its Skype video calling feature.

Twitter hit 200 million tweets. This social network is growing like a weed. Even Obama is tweeting.

Read short book excerpts by email or RSS over your morning coffee. Finally! A way to tackle our towering piles of books to read.

What’s not to love about the new Audi A7? Google Earth navigation, Wi-Fi, SD slots and many more sexy features.

Twitter’s cofounder is changing the way we think about credit cards. Get paid with Square.

Every second counts. Your website’s speed should be at the top of your list of important factors.

Pull in the reins on your spending and manage your budget. This avoids the “I spent WHAT on shoes last month?”

Look for a different HMA’r next week to share their innovative news.

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