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Howard Miller Associates’ Top Blog Posts of 2013

I always find it fun to look back and reflect on the past year. There were the light-bulb, non-existent prize, ecstatic, jump-for-joy moments and then the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad moments. Fortunately, we had far more jump-for-joy moments this year than bad.

I also find it fun to investigate these similar moments for our blog. Measured according to page views, our most popular content of 2013 ranges from the effectiveness of infographics to the books we were caught reading in May. Two things the blog posts all have in common are their detailed explanation of a process or opportunity and the important insights they offer.

If you missed any of our top blog posts of 2013, you can catch up here:

Are infographics effective

1. How Effective Are Infographics?

It wasn’t hard to search the web in 2013 without coming across an infographic and learning something new. But are infographics an effective means to communicate your message? Read more…


2. Nerding Out: My First SEO “Eureka” Moment

So, this is one of those light-bulb, non-existent prize, ecstatic, jump-for-joy moments I was talking about. Kris and I figured out how to optimize a very mundane process and she shared it with everyone. Read more…


3. On Typography

Some of our graphic designers love typography. A few of them don’t even need to use the WhatFont extension for Chrome. They just know every font. Okay, maybe I’m bragging at bit. But if you’re into typography too, I suggest you read on. Read more…

Geeky email stuff

4. Reclaim Your Inbox and Improve Email Productivity

Managing my inbox and staying productive used to be two separate ideas. Once I learned how to do both at the same time, my life got much easier. Read more…

Get Caught Reading Month

5. What Were You Caught Reading This Month?

Sometimes it’s fun to get into the mind of us HMAers. Fortunately, we all have such varied interests and passions. So, when it comes to books, we’re always reading something interesting. Read more…

BudURL URL shortener

6. Sometimes Less is More: Advantages to Shortening URL Links

Do you use shortened URL links? If you do, you know these links offer a gold mine of data. If you don’t use shortened URL links, maybe you should read on. Read more…


7. The Importance of Absent Data and Google’s (not provided)

Sometimes it’s the data that isn’t there that points to the data that’s important. In the new “(not provided)” world, marketers must figure out what data they can use. Read more…

Branding birds crow

8. Bird Song and Branding

Keith compares branding to the uniqueness of a bird song. It’s no coincidence a brand’s strategy and a bird’s song are both so distinct. Read more…

HMA Thanksgiving traditions

9. What’s on Your Plate?

Working with friends, clients and colleagues all over the globe, we realize everyone has different customs and traditions. One of the traditions we celebrate is Thanksgiving. We wrote this blog just in case you were up late last night wondering what we eat. Read more…

SES New York Conference

10. Reaching Mobile and Multi-Device Traffic

Kim, Kris, Katie and I came back from the SES Conference in New York with lots of new information bouncing around in our brains. Reaching mobile and multi-device traffic was one of the many fascinating topics we learned more about. Read more…

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