How to Combat Social Network Overload

Remember for a glimmer of time when you could only access “The Facebook” with a .edu email address? Back then the social network had nowhere near the capabilities it possesses today. Not only do we now have Facebook, but Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ too.

In addition to a list of social networks that seems to constantly multiply overnight, we also have an overwhelming desire to stay connected to many of these networks on our smartphones while we’re on-the-go. In fact, we are often expected to stay connected and check-in with frequent status updates. But what happens when you begin to feel like a hamster on the wheel? Do you even attempt to master all the social networks? Then what happens if you start repeating the same things across each one?

Social network overload is forcing people to choose between their networks. Re-adding your friends and connections on yet another platform can be tiresome. Thinking up new content for yet another network can also be tiresome. If you dread allocating more time to social media and joining new networks, maybe it’s time to rethink how you use it. Mashable recently shared an interesting infographic that might help you decide where to post.

Sharing stories is how communication happens, whether it’s about Swedish meatballs or SEO. Create media that’s meaningful to you, be it personal or business-related. Put your tools to work and tell the stories you want to tell. It’s up to you to be engaging, to be helpful and to inspire others. If you’re passionate enough about it, chances are someone else out there might be too.

How do you manage your social networks? Do you ever feel the need to disconnect?

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