Google+ For Anyone But Google Apps Users

After 12 weeks into its field trial, Google announced Tuesday that anyone can sign up for Google+, no invitation required. It also unveiled a slew of new features, such as search and mobile hangouts (Giddy up on the iOS app update, please!). In addition, Google Hangouts received a major boost with screen-sharing, sharing sketchpads, Google Docs and other collaborative qualities. You can even broadcast your hangouts with others without them actually joining. As Google+ continues to open up more of its API, users’ ability to interact and communicate with each other will only grow, but Google Apps users are still being ignored.

The Internet chatter around Google+ and Google Apps states it takes time to get things right and Google+ is still in its infancy. Google, however, remains silent on the subject. Some kind of an update would be nice for those of us that continue to juggle all of our Google accounts. So what gives, Google?

While Google+ continues to work out its kinks, I’ll be anxiously waiting for the day when I can host HMA Hangouts. For now, I’ll just poke around in my personal Google+ account and pout.

What has your experience with Google+ been like so far? Are you an impatient Google Apps user like me?

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