Google AdWords and search engine updates

Google AdWords: The new-ish Alpha interface

Working for a creative agency means balancing several projects at any given time and being able to adjust accordingly when a wrench is thrown into the works. Well, it’s the same when you’re using Google’s software or platforms…especially Google AdWords. New additions and removal of features or functions are a monthly routine for Google, so it’s important that you stay on top of its ever-changing digital tools.

What’s new with Google AdWords?

Some of the recent adjustments in AdWords, including expanded text ads, have greatly increased the amount of content search engine marketers can put in an ad. This is great because the content can be tailored to a searcher’s intent much more easily with different call-to-actions, headline orientations for A/B testing, as well as landing page testing to see which performs better. As a search marketer, I’m all about the metrics and making sure the campaigns we run for clients are meeting KPI standards.

Another recent update Google has rolled out is the new advertising user interface, Google AdWords Alpha. It shares many of the features that Google is using in their DataStudio – a great tool for creating interactive and real-time client dashboards. Alpha has provided me with information that was immediately applicable to a hyper-targeted campaign we are running for a Fortune 500 company. This client is all about the numbers, so when it came to producing quantifiable results, we needed to be as accurate as possible.

Goldmines in the new AdWords Alpha interface

Specifically, I was in the new AdWords overview tab and identified critical areas on the interactive map to which our client wanted to market their offering. Using geo-specific sites in the display network and retargeting lists, we were able to market directly to our client’s core consumer base while providing maximum visibility. Using location targeting and bid adjustments for both location and device type, I was able to focus the campaign’s ad distribution to a select few counties while still marketing to the larger statewide market.

Ignorance is not bliss in search engine marketing

Knowing about, tinkering with and using the new updates offered by Google has given us top level insights for which we would normally spend valuable time searching. We are able to allocate our time to higher priority projects and implement new strategies faster. They have helped us optimize our campaigns and provide better results and suggestions to our clients.

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