Giving in Gratitude: The HMA Big Give

We spend a lot of time at HMA serving others – collaborating to achieve the client’s goals, helping a client find the perfect gift for his wife’s birthday, training co-workers to understand SEO or develop media plans, and even volunteering our time and talent in the community. We foster a giving back culture that’s hopefully apparent in all we do. And in the spirit of gratitude and the holiday, Drew offered each of us $100 to give to a person or charity of our choice. Discover how the kindness warriors of HMA chose to donate their money this holiday.

Diana Williams, one of the newest additions to the HMA team, chose to donate $100 to the Peace Corps Burkina Faso Country Fund. “As a returned Peace Corps volunteer (2010-2012), it means a lot to me to be able to donate to the country that gave so much to me over the past two years. The money will be allocated to the Camp G2LOW (Girls and Guys Leading Our World) fund, a camp I helped organize in 2010 and 2011 focusing on gender equality, leadership and healthy lifestyles for middle school boys and girls.”

Colleen Hofmann said, “A little over a year ago my cousin Becky welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Around the same time she was diagnosed with an aggressive case of metastatic melanoma. So for Christmas, she asked only for gift cards to help support her husband and daughter.” Colleen plans to share $50 with Becky’s family and the remainder will go to a deserving individual in Lancaster. “Serving breakfast to the community in Lancaster City once a month, I encounter a lot of incredible people who go without many things we take for granted. So, I plan to purchase a heavy blanket or jacket and offer it to family in need this holiday.”

C.R. Hiestand will be donating to charity: water. “Too many people around the world are without access to clean drinking water. Water is something that we take for granted, and charity: water is working toward a world where this isn’t an issue.”

Drew Dorgan shared her thoughts on gratitude this season: “My friends at Saint John’s Episcopal Church have been collectively trying to live in gratitude, and I have been working to deepen my faith by following their example. To support our efforts to “walk the talk,” I am donating my portion of the HMA collective Big Give to our MDG group. From solar cookers in Africa to local single mothers, this group works hard to eradicate poverty. We have been very blessed this year thanks to our clients’ and teams’ hard work. For that I am grateful.”

LeMaire Lee plans to give his money to an organization very close to him. “Donating this money will be a good way of helping since I can’t get there to volunteer as regularly as I’d like.”

Jamie Wilson decided to donate her money to Shark Savers, an organization saving sharks and mantas by growing awareness, educating others and building sanctuaries. “I, myself, have been fascinated with sharks for as long as I can remember. Though most people look at them as killers and think the ocean would be safer without them, the truth is without them the entire ecosystem would be demolished. I hope my donation, in some small way, can help prevent these graceful, misunderstood creatures from facing extinction.”

Kris Castner chose to surprise an incredibly good-natured person she encounters every day. “I know there are so many deserving charities, but there is something I like about the idea of rewarding a hard-working, regular person. I’m sure this person never asks for anything from anyone else, or thinks about themselves before others. I really think this will make their holiday season special.”

Rita Kissam is sharing her money with two organizations she’s particularly grateful to be involved with: Freedom’s Call, a women’s ministry team, and LCBC Church’s Manheim Campus. “Through the women’s ministry team and study groups I have met amazing women of faith and am privileged to have made many new friends. When I walk through the doors of LCBC, I don’t just feel like I’m in church. I feel like I’m home.”

Mandy Myers is donating to the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society in honor of two  important family members. “I lost my grandfather to cancer in 2004 and my great uncle, Ernie, passed away after he had a heart attack in 2008. I hope these donations will contribute to research so lives can be saved.”

Zach Satko plans to contribute day-to-day supplies for the Humane League of Lancaster. “Animals have always been a very important part of my life. Having adopted a shelter dog myself, it’s easy for me to have a strong desire to contribute to such a great cause. The Humane League of Lancaster prides itself as a no-kill shelter. It is always doing a ton of community outreach events to not only raise funds for the animals in need, but bring together a wonderful community of animal lovers. I’m excited to contribute to the Humane League, as they have an Amazon Wish List letting you see what your contribution is actually going towards.”

Pam Bronson is sending her gift to World Relief. “World Relief works with local churches to provide humanitarian aid, disaster and emergency relief, and community and economic development. They are involved in micro-lending, livestock programs, and training in marketable skills to help people help themselves. In the US, they rescue victims of human trafficking and help settle refugees. They also lobby for immigration reform and other good causes. And they keep their overhead low so almost all they’re given goes to those in need.”

Katie Klinger said, “Almost everyone who knows me, knows I love my one year old golden retriever as a mother loves a child. Dogs have such an innate ability to understand human emotions far beyond what we perceive. For this reason, I would like to donate to KPets, an organization with which Chingu will begin training when she turns two. KPets helps train dogs, so they may visit hospitals, hospice centers, nursing homes, etc. in order to provide comfort and love to others. I can’t wait to share Chingu’s love with such deserving people!”

Sherri Sims is providing Christmas for Cavin, his wife and the rest of his family. “Cavin’s eight-year-old son has stage four pancreatic cancer. So, a few of his old school mates and I are getting together to give them a Christmas to remember with memories to cherish forever.”

Lauren Klahold will be sharing her gift with PAWS of Carteret in Morehead City, NC. “My family adopted our current dog from PAWS when we were down there for a holiday and the organization is very deserving. Hopefully my contribution will generate awareness around animal issues and help others discover the unconditional love pets have to offer.”

Jason Getz plans to give to the Pennsylvania Library Association because his mom used to be a librarian. In addition, he thinks “it’s a great organization working to make a difference in the world.”

Amanda Vera said, “Education is truly the key to so many things. No one should be denied the opportunity to learn, to read and to write. For that reason, I decided to give back to the Literacy Council of Lancaster/Lebanon. I admire the people who are a part of this organization, as well as those who seek assistance there because it shows they are driven to change and succeed by overcoming the challenges set before them. They are truly opening the doors to so many new possibilities.”

Karen Chiodo chose to donate to the local Alzheimer’s Association where her step-mom is an active member. “The organization is very active in raising both awareness and funds. The organization supported her as she supported my dad as he progressed throughout the stages of this difficult disease.”

How would you give gratitude by donating your $100?

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