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Extrapolating actionable data from digital campaigns

A key error in the fast-moving digital marketing process is the lack of time taken to derive usable, actionable data to improve your process and better target your audience. Even if you create reports, the time required to review and extrapolate is often sacrificed. So, how can you keep this, the most important step, and maintain all the other work you put before it?

We use multiple tools to pull data for us. This alleviates some of the stress right away. Data is presented to us for AdWords, social media and digital campaigns, so we spend more time using the data than creating it.

Knowing what to look for within the data is important too. This comes with experience. Our team works together to determine the best data points, whether it’s the click-through rate in an email campaign or the engagement rate of a tweet. Having this base knowledge is a pertinent, time-saving technique, of course! If you don’t have the time to invest in creating a base knowledge though, using an agency is a beneficial alternative.

Sometimes, a quick, at-a-glance view of your social media channels’ performance is all you need. Most channels do a good job of giving you a quick overview of the channel’s performance, i.e. Twitter analytics, Facebook Insights, even the new Instagram Business is helpful. For an even more concise picture, our sister company, Workhorse Development, is developing an app that displays all your social channels’ details in one place! Lytikos, set to reach app stores in early 2017, gives you a quick overview of each channel’s performance. Perfect for when you’re put on the spot in a meeting! Look for more to come from Lytikos soon.

In the meantime, if you need help extrapolating actionable data from your digital campaigns, contact us at

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