Exploring the new Google Search Console in beta

If you’re like most website owners, you are probably using Google’s Search Console to track who is visiting your website and how often. With the new Search features Google is implementing, users can now see even more data over a longer period of time with optional filters. Sounds enticing, right? Did I mention it’s free?

Google released a new Search Console in beta that focuses on Search Performance, formerly known as Search Analytics. This is a report that provides the total number of impressions, clicks, average page position and CTR. Unlike the previous version, you can now filter results using multiple variables such as country, device, query, search type, etc. at the same time. Being that you can see a longer range of data, Google’s new Search Console allows users to see up to a total of 16 months. That’s almost three times the length of the previous timeframe allowed.

A prominent addition to the Search Console is that users can now see which pages are indexed on their site and if there are any pending errors that need to be fixed. This is known as Google’s Index Coverage Report. Crawl errors, page redirects and 404 errors are just a few of its features. For any errors you do encounter, you can actively request that Google re-index your site/pages rather than waiting for Google to re-crawl your pages. Did I mention that you can now validate a fix across multiple pages? It’s a much faster way to keep your website valid and ranking as it should.

Most of Google’s new features are currently still in beta; however, Google is still working to roll out even more features throughout the year, as well as reboot a few tools that are currently accessible through Google Webmaster Tools. Below are a few of these features:

  • Link data (internal and external)
  • Mobile usability
  • International targeting
  • Rich results
  • Data highlighter

Are you using the new Google Search Console? Share your thoughts along with any pros and cons of this tool. We’d like to hear your feedback!

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