Did you include thought leadership in your company’s 2015 strategy?

In 2014, the Internet became full. People could no longer get away with publishing meaningless articles to blogs and call themselves writers. As we become more and more entrenched in the digital world, we are starting to figure out that not all content posted online is from a reliable source. The solution: thought leadership.

Thought leadership is a relatively new term applied to people, companies or brands that establish themselves online as experts in a specific field. People are inadvertently evaluated in all online tools, be it a website, blog posts, any number of social media channels or email. You name it. If it’s online, it’s a tool that will help or hurt thought leadership status. So, thought leadership is a natural progression in the digital world.

Strategy development must take into account thought leadership to create a successful company marketing strategy. It’s no longer enough to simply be online, you must share engaging content and produce original and innovative thoughts and ideas. Thought leadership is woven throughout all online tools utilized by you as an individual or you as a contributor to a brand or company’s overall vision and strategy.

We very often get stuck in the small day-to-day tasks of our job and easily lose sight of our impact. Thought leadership promotes collaborative discussion and idea generation that can lead to big changes in the future. To integrate such a powerful tool into your company’s marketing strategy is impactful not only to the company’s image, but also to each individual’s potential to contribute to a better future.

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