Cyber security: Protecting yourself and your company

Now more than ever, cyber security should be the top priority of an individual and company. From phishing issues related to Google to the hacker leak at Netflix, we see bigger companies being attacked online much more frequently.

We take all the necessary steps with our own individual data, such as having different passwords for sites, privatizing personal information on social media, and having security software on our computers. Those precautions should also be taken by companies and their employees. Here are some cyber security measures to take to keep your company thriving.

  • Install an SSL certificate onto your site.  This gives you encrypted communication and secure identification on your site. When your consumer looks at it, they will see HTTPS instead of HTTP and certain browsers, such as Google Chrome, will inform them that the site is secure.
  • Having 2-factor authentication (2FA) is a great idea when working with other companies and wanting to keep information secure from outside sources.  This should be something specific to you that no one would think of or a code. Certain authenticator apps will refresh a 6-digit code every thirty to sixty seconds to reduce vulnerability.
  • Train employees on security and best practices. Examples would be not clicking on links in suspicious emails.
  • Maintain passwords and encryption on all mobile devices and computers. Make sure the passwords are unique and involve letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Remove test landing pages once you no longer need them. This prevents hackers from inserting random code in pages that were forgotten.
  • Ensure your domain name and hosting are up-to-date and secure. It can be chaotic to figure out how to get information back once a subdomain expires.
  • Install updates in a timely manner to prevent software vulnerabilities.
  • Perform backups regularly. If your server was to go down or be hacked, the backups would make sure you would not lose your website data and have to start over.

If your company does not have cyber security standards or a process in place, it’s something that should be discussed and implemented.

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