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How branding impacts lead generation

Generating leads refers to the process of identifying and attracting potential customers or clients who are interested in a particular product or service. It involves capturing their contact information and initiating a

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The power of consistent branding

What makes a brand powerful? The ability to recognize it. When a customer sees the color red and a cursive font on a can of soda, they instantly know what they’re looking

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Branding is more than a logo

Some logos are great and some can be awful. A logo should help define a company, it’s values and just be memorable. This is why a successful logo helps to define a

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Brand consistency – it’s a big deal

Every day we encounter different brands in different aspects of our lives. However, we often take them for granted, and the details behind their marketing efforts go unnoticed. Their imaging remains the

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Branding birds crow

Bird Song and Branding

The next time you are out on a walk, find a quiet place where there is little traffic or human activity. Sit and listen. After only a few seconds you will most

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