Building your brand – a few helpful tips

Are you looking to build a brand for yourself or your company that isn’t generic? Don’t know where to start?  We put together a list of tips that we’ve found helpful while improving our brand and our clients’ brands on a daily basis.

  • The first thing you need to know about building your brand is to be your authentic self. Do not put on a persona. Chances are you will slip up and your followers will believe you are fake and end up moving on to something else. People connect with other people and are more likely to stay if you are compelling, charismatic and focused.
  • Find your target audience. Instead of having a broad audience you are trying to reach, have a specialized area. This will help you secure more followers.
  • You need to communicate. Go out regularly and talk to people. You can do this through networking, hosting speaking events, workshops or participating in interviews. You should promote discussion from a place of knowledge and have confidence in the words you are speaking.
  • Writing. It goes hand-in-hand with speaking. Get your voice heard in as many forms as possible. Write articles on your field of interest or from a leadership perspective. Make sure they are memorable to also ensure that your followers keep coming back. Another key point is consistency – keep up with your posting schedule.
  • Building an online presence is a necessity in the digital age. You should make sure that your social media sites are fully fleshed out. There should be high-quality photos and the content should be professional. Make sure that your content posts are lively and diverse. Don’t be scared to post about things outside of the norm. It facilitates debate and surprises your audience.
  • Never stop learning. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends. It is beneficial to continue learning new things, develop new skills and to expand your knowledge.

If you feel you are becoming too generic, experiment with new mediums, formats and topics.

Now go out there, put these tips to use and see your brand grow!

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