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Recognize personas in marketing automation

Understanding marketing automation begins with understanding who your audience is and what will make them engage. You cannot build a successful campaign without first constructing an audience-specific strategy. What does this mean?

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marketing sales integration

The convergence of marketing and sales

What came first – marketing or sales? Not that it ever really mattered, but the two are certainly becoming more of a conglomeration. In fact, David Meerman Scott predicted an emerging trend for 2015

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Marketo case study

Case Study: Our Marketo Experience

While gearing up for my Marketo Certified Expert examination, I had been reflecting on my experiences during the past year using Marketo. For those of you who may not be familiar with Marketo, it

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b2b sales funnel

Power Tools: Sales Funnel and Marketo

The Internet is buzzing with blog posts on B2B marketers questioning the usefulness of the sales funnel. Harvard Business Review and Square2Marketing.com are two examples. The gist of these bloggers’ posts is

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