From wind farms and refineries to the quiet efficiency of cutting-edge battery technology, we weave compelling narratives that showcase dedication to progress. Through targeted advertising in the right channels, we ensure these stories reach the right audience, sparking interest and understanding.

Client Profile

Oil Additives at Evonik



Our additive manufacturing client developed a brand-new technology to formulate industrial gear oils for applications like wind power. Since this was new to the industry, we needed to create brand awareness about the new technology and its benefits.


We thoroughly researched industry publications to determine the best options for targeted audience reach and formulated a schedule for optimal frequency. To further increase brand awareness, we implemented a Google Display campaign to reach a broader audience within the industry.


Garnering almost 6 million impressions and a bonus of over 4,000 clicks, the CPM was $.54. Coupled with the media placed, the brand message reached the target audience so we could move them to the next step in the sales funnel.