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Match Caterpillar’s #BuiltForIt Campaign on a Budget

Match Caterpillar's #BuiltForIt Campaign

If you’re in the construction industry, in fact, even if you’re not, you may have noticed Caterpillar’s most recent and ongoing #BuiltForIt campaign. If you haven’t yet seen any of the video shorts yet, they’re definitely worth a 10-minute YouTube break: JENGA, “Bull in a China Shop” and Gravity. These types of campaigns take many […]

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Video Isn’t Optional in 2014


Fair warning: I’m probably going to sound biased in this post. As HMA’s Video Designer, of course I’m going to see the immense value of online video in any marketing plan. But what actually makes me sound so hyperbolic when talking about video is the real facts about just how big a deal online video […]

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Howard Miller Associates’ Top Blog Posts of 2013

HMA top blog posts of 2013

I always find it fun to look back and reflect on the past year. There were the light-bulb, non-existent prize, ecstatic, jump-for-joy moments and then the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad moments. Fortunately, we had far more jump-for-joy moments this year than bad.

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Sometimes Less is More: Advantages to Shortening URL Links

BudURL URL shortener

Always looking for ways to meet client needs with forward–thinking technology solutions, HMA offers customized URLs through the public URL link shortening service called BudURL. Because the URLs are shorter, they’re easier to manipulate than their longer, often unwieldy counterparts.

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How Effective Are Infographics?

Are infographics effective

We’ve all seen infographics before, in newspapers, magazines, and online. These little graphical messages that try to convince you to read them because they’re colorful and covered in interesting graphics or cartoons. So, you take a minute to glance over the infographic and then BAM! Before you know it you’ve learned something new, and suddenly […]

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Workplace Culture: The Google Effect


A random talent of mine is a gift for metaphor. When I am given two unlike objects or ideas, I love finding a way to connect them based on concepts I already know and use (I think this is technically called “scaffolding” by any of you psych experts out there!).  Although I enjoy the process of […]

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Tired of Tech: Waiting for the Next Big Thing


It’s become a clearly evident representation of our culture when people start to become tired of current technology trends. According to a variety of sources and surveys many people are bored with current tech, from Smartphones to social media to tablet computing. In a society with such a short attention span, it’s only a matter of […]

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The Anthropology of Search


As the HMA “newbie,” I can definitely say that the past four weeks have acted as a seamless continuation of the education I began two years ago as a full-time anthropology grad-student. What’s that, you ask? Anthropology? If you know off-the-bat what the discipline entails (apart from “digging stuff up” or “Indiana Jones”), go ahead […]

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A Fresh Start for Kodak

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When I first heard the news about Kodak filing for Chapter 11 on January 19, 2012, I was instantly brought back to the memory of a 5-year-old girl with pigtails running around crowds of family members taking maybe some of the worst photos ever. As a photographer, I had to start somewhere. I would steal […]

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2012: The Year of Video

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2012 will be the year of many things. A leap year. A presidential election. Some think the end of times. But 2012 will most certainly be the year of video. According to Search Engine Watch, 182 million American Internet users watched video at an average of 23.2 hours per viewer. And those are only statistics […]

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