beacon technology

Beacon Technology Emerges As ‘Next Big Thing’ in Marketing

For many years, marketers have been excited about near field communication (NFC) technologies. Particularly, they were excited that NFC allows the transfer of data and enhances payment technology. It seemed NFC would be the tool to provide marketers with greater customer behavior insight. However, it is beacon technology that has now emerged as the ‘next big thing’ in marketing.

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clare house volunteering

The Gift of Giving

This year, globalHMA is interrupting our individual birthday celebrations to spend time volunteering during our birthday month. We encourage each person to select a cause that matters to them, give back and share their volunteer experience.

The gift of giving comes in many forms. At globalHMA, we aspire to help those in need. Giving back is a part of our daily lives. This notion doesn’t just pertain to our clients. It’s about helping the surrounding communities and the local citizens to make our areas a better place to live and work.

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