integrated marketing I do

Marry your digital tools in an integrated marketing I do

Over the past few months, people consumed our blog using three tools: Google AdWordsreal-time media and marketing automation. We’ve collectively expressed the huge impact these tools can have in promoting and telling the story of your company or brand. Now, I’d like to introduce the hard part: integrating all three of these tools with integrated marketing.

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real-time media schedule

Why you should plan ahead with a real-time media schedule

When I find the time, I love planning ahead. I write out my to-do lists at the end of the day in preparation for the next. I’ll schedule real-time media updates, queue up emails and share project tasks with my team. Not only does it decrease procrastination, but it also increases productivity. When it comes to your real-time media schedule or social media editorial calendar, why not do the same?

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tracking leads with marketing and sales

Leads, leads, leads: Linking marketing and sales

We often get asked the question: how can my marketing team prove their efforts are attracting leads and converting sales for the company? My answer? Marketing automation can help you link both marketing and sales.

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