social media images

Why social media images make a difference

If you are trying to sell someone a product or service, then you must be a marketer, at least to some degree. With this role, comes great responsibility. Not one of saving the world, thank goodness. That’s a little much to ask of us marketers. It is one of thoughtfulness and intent. And one area especially, you must not ignore, is social media. Why can you not ignore it? Because almost everyone uses it! You need to be in front of your audience. Not only does that mean being where they are, but also engaging them. The best way to do this? Social media images.

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successful social media experience

3 tips for a successful social media experience

Happy planning season everyone! Are you one of the late adopters and starting up social media for your company? Maybe you’re present on social media but not 100 percent sure you invested in the right channels? To help you decide what channels are right for you and your brand, I’ve outlined a few tips below for a successful social media experience. The number one piece of advice I can give is this: do your due diligence to get the most out of your investment.

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China head bowing group

Data bomb: what are the Chinese doing online?

With an explosion of technology adoption and investments, China’s global internet leadership continues. Why follow the Chinese? It all comes down to our approach to crafting a global integrated marketing strategy for our clients. Our clients do business all over the globe, not just in the US. We like to stay on top of internet trends all over the globe – including China.

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