manage AdWords campaigns with a limited budget

Small budgets, big results: managing AdWords campaigns with a limited budget

People always say more is better, and, in some instances, they are right. Having a big budget to work with in AdWords gives you the freedom to bid on high search volume keywords that will reach a large audience. That’s great. But when running B2B campaigns with specific products and applications and small budgets, less is actually more. There are three important factors to formulating your B2B AdWords strategy: the language of the searcher, keyword match type and the search terms report. Paying close attention to each of these and other parts of the campaign during optimization will keep costs low and within budget. Here’s how we manage AdWords campaigns with a limited budget.

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actionable data

Extrapolating actionable data from digital campaigns

A key error in the fast-moving digital marketing process is the lack of time taken to derive usable, actionable data to improve your process and better target your audience. Even if you create reports, the time required to review and extrapolate is often sacrificed. So, how can you keep this, the most important step, and maintain all the other work you put before it?

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integrated marketing I do

Marry your digital tools in an integrated marketing I do

Over the past few months, people consumed our blog using three tools: Google AdWordsreal-time media and marketing automation. We’ve collectively expressed the huge impact these tools can have in promoting and telling the story of your company or brand. Now, I’d like to introduce the hard part: integrating all three of these tools with integrated marketing.

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