social media event promotion

Gearing up for events with social media

When gearing up for an event, like a tradeshow or speaking engagement, it’s important to consider your digital marketing. Your brand’s social media presence is a huge part of creating a successful event! Below are five tips we use for social media event promotion:

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ad blocking

The Chinese “neat freaks” online: why use ad blocking?

In Chinese, the expression “neat freak” can extend to many fields. One good example is those who try everything they can to avoid seeing advertisements online. Ad blocking is a rising trend as shown in different reports, especially when it comes to the mobile end. PageFair’s 2016 Mobile Adblocking Report shows 36% of smartphone users in the Asia Pacific region block ads when surfing online. 93% of the ad blocking browser users live in this region. China alone has over 159 million of them.

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marketing automation campaign setup

What goes into marketing automation campaign setup?

So you’re ready to set up your first marketing automation campaign, but you’re confused about where to start. You understand the basic concept of marketing automation. You’ve read as much information about it as you could find, but now it’s time to move out of learning and into doing. Where do you start? What type of campaign do you need? Here’s what goes into marketing automation campaign setup:

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