manage a social media team

How to manage an effective social media team

Managing a social media team for a client’s large organization can present complex challenges. At the same time, it can result in a positive outcome for its audiences and surrounding communities. I’ve come to learn that working with our clients to manage company-wide social media campaigns requires dedication, preparation and structure. This can be especially difficult when the organization is not your own. However, when organized effectively, team members are able to work in cohesion, content topics become abundantly available and objectives for each channel are met.

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google web designer

This designer uses Google Web Designer. Do you?

User experience plays a big role in how we design digital ads at globalHMA. For example, the way an online web banner is displayed and designed can play a large part in the effectiveness of an ad. To create an effective web banner, the ad design needs to remain professional and attractive enough so it is able to capture its targeted audience’s attention.

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marketing automation sucks

Marketing automation sucks

Marketing automation sucks. It sucks for you. It sucks for me. It sucks for everyone.

It sucks the leads right from the top of the sales funnel to the very bottom. It sucks all your content and media into one location. It sucks up data and spits it out into actionable results. It sucks a global sales team into one cohesive unit. It very nearly sucks the dollars right out of your potential customers’ pockets into your own, nearly.

So, as you see, marketing automation totally, undeniably sucks.

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