Giving back through history

When you become an HMAer, there are a lot of values that are suddenly instilled in you. Some of these are small things, like always holding Macs above PCs. Some are business oriented, like our motto of “It can be done,” but there are others that are life lessons, which change you for the better. Throughout my years at globalHMA, there has always been push to get involved and give back to the community. It wasn’t until this past year that I actually took this to heart and began looking for outlets through where I could use some of my time for the better.

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digital agency iphone homescreens

The home screens of the globalHMA team

Ever look at your friends’ home screens?

I have. It’s usually scary, similar to scrolling through someone else’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds. It truly is like the twilight zone. You recognize all the features, but everything else is completely foreign.

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wind turbines katie goes west

To better understand your client’s customers, go where they go

At globalHMA, our client’s customers are global – that includes all 7, okay probably 6, continents and the entire United States. Yes, even those long stretches through Nebraska and Wyoming that you know exist, but not consciously. I’m completely aware of them. I recently spent a week driving through them. Hours and hours of fields strung together by towns and cities. How does this relate to the client’s customers? I saw them, out there in the fields and the towns and the cities and the in betweens.

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