How to make your website secure with HTTPS

In January of 2017, Google’s Chrome browser began adding “Not Secure” to the address bar of HTTP webpages that collect passwords or credit card information. The reason for this is to alert users that the site does not have an SSL certificate (also known as Secure Sockets Layer) and their sensitive data could potentially be stolen by malicious/criminal hackers.

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Social media: when to post and how often

Are you posting on social media and not getting the results you want? Every social media channel is different, and each has its own recommended frequency for posting content. The tips shared below will help provide you with what to post, when to do it and how often it should be done.
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Lead generation: B2B lead nurturing best practices

You’ve crafted the perfect email, ad or landing page, and it’s received the conversions you have been working toward. Even though your conversions have been reached, don’t settle – push your efforts to the next level with lead generation. By taking the time to nurture quality leads, your team will have positive future opportunities with customers.
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