How to make impactful video content for social media in 2018

As we can see in social media trends, video content is becoming a much more preferred medium for social posts. Twitter is allowing video over 4x the length – previously a 30-second limit – up to 140 seconds. Additionally, Facebook has begun to push more video content to users’ news feeds, heavily supporting Facebook LIVE content and, more recently, Facebook Watch, a consolidated space for Facebook’s sponsored video content. Since video is becoming more integral to your social media presence, it is also important to make content that stands out.
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The changing dialogue between businesses and their audiences

Language is constantly changing. If not for language evolution, we would not be able to talk about modern and ever-changing concepts, media, and inventions. This constant change, however, affects the ways businesses interact with their audiences.
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6 dos and don’ts for using hashtags in marketing

Hashtags—short links lead by the pound sign (#)—may seem confusing and unnecessary to some users in social media, but hashtags have become an essential way in which we communicate online. On social channels, the pound sign (a.k.a hashtag) can turn any word(s) into a searchable link that organizes content and tracks discussions based on the word(s) used.
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