User intent: an important approach to SEM & SEO

To compliment Jamie’s post on buyer personas and their importance in marketing automation, let’s focus on knowing your target market and their user intent in search marketing.

Identifying user intent is nothing new to search marketers; however, it can be overlooked. As a result, opportunities are missed. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you are able to better understand how to identify the different stages of user intent and develop quality, authoritative and relevant content around those different stages.

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Recognize personas in marketing automation

Understanding marketing automation begins with understanding who your audience is and what will make them engage. You cannot build a successful campaign without first constructing an audience-specific strategy. What does this mean? It means understanding the personas of your audience members and how they coincide with your marketing automation streams.

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Gain followers and get that “aha” social media moment

If you’re anything like me, you experience this sort of “aha” moment when you’re learning a new skill. Everything seems to click and you find success. Improving interaction and increasing followers on your social media channels is pretty similar. One of the biggest exceptions in social media is that your learning experience is live for the world to see.

Luckily, you can do some research and prep beforehand to be better prepared. I’ve included three quick tips to gain followers and engagement on social media.

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