Google AdWords snake oil

The not-so-quick, but perfect fix: Google AdWords

Many people seem to be on a quest for the perfect fix — an easy solution that solves all marketing needs and takes no effort. Aren’t we all, really? Even outside of marketing.

Let’s stop for a second and be honest with ourselves. It doesn’t exist.

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social media image

How a social media image can improve your bare posts

If you pay attention to the evolution of the algorithm for social media sites, like Facebook, you will see the algorithm gives priority to graphic content, especially images. But just because an image makes your post more dominant, it doesn’t automatically make it engaging. If you want to really capture your audience, a compelling social media image is an essential first step.

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efficient content marketing plan

How to develop more efficient content marketing

There’s no question. Content marketing and social media can work for your business, but they take time and money. The key to an efficient content marketing plan is to set proper expectations for yourself and your business. Like Drew Dorgan said in a recent article on LinkedIn, “done haphazardly, social media is on the latest budget- and time-sucking tools. It can break your budget and produce no results.”

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