20 helpful SEO statistics you should know

The days of simply having a website and having it collect sales for you are gone; you must do more! The following eye-opening SEO statistics show where your marketing dollars should be spent. The bottom line is that as technology changes, so will the way we communicate, purchase, interact and locate goods that we want or need.
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Cyber security: Protecting yourself and your company

Now more than ever, cyber security should be the top priority of an individual and company. From phishing issues related to Google to the hacker leak at Netflix, we see bigger companies being attacked online much more frequently.
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Marketing automation platform highlights

There is a multitude of Marketing Automation software on the Internet right now. Marketo, Act-On and SharpSpring are just some of the tools out there that I have been fortunate enough to use. Each platform has its own benefits and weaknesses. SharpSpring and Campaign Monitor have some nice email testing and rendering software. Marketo and Act-On have great form building and reporting capabilities. Once you are invested in a specific marketing automation software, your top priority should be to learn its capabilities and figure out how you and your marketing team can use this software based on its pros and cons.

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