mindfulness in the workplace

Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace

When you find yourself in a difficult situation in the workplace, how do you handle it? Do you lose your cool and jump into a shouting match? Do you storm out of the room? Do you insist your way is the only way and condemn those who don’t agree? Or maybe you take a deep breath, realize where you are, cognizant of the emotions flying around you. Are you mindful?

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4 steps successful b2b landing pages

Four Steps to Successful B2B Landing Pages

We all know that B2B advertising differs greatly from B2C advertising. The stakes are much higher when you’re selling a million dollar piece of industrial equipment than when you’re selling a $20 shirt. Reaching your target audience and keeping their attention can be much more difficult. Nowhere is this felt more than in creating landing pages. More often than not, your consumers find your brand and your products through the Internet more than any other platform. So let’s take a look at the four things you need to create a successful landing page that will ultimately result in goal conversions.

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apple watch first impressions

Watch Out: First Impressions of the Apple Watch

The first time I heard about the Apple Watch, I will admit I was skeptical. It seemed silly to have a device on my wrist that does almost everything the iPhone in my pocket can. In fact, when I got my watch most people would ask me, “Is your iPhone really too far away in your pocket?” Of course, it’s not, but the Apple Watch isn’t meant to replace my phone – it’s about convenience. It’s about getting you the information you want at-a-glance.

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