ux user experience principles

User experience isn’t just for apps

While the terms user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are often blurred together, they are two very different parts of the development of a product. User interface involves the design and interactions of a piece of digital media. On the other side, UX is applied to pretty much anything in the digital and non-digital world. User experience refers to a person’s entire experience using a product, system or service. And this term is mentioned a lot in app development.

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sales funnel is like a shark

Leads, leads, leads: Working through the sales funnel

Oh, the sales funnel! Is there any tool in the world of marketing that has been around longer than this dinosaur? Maybe dinosaur isn’t the right word. Technically, it hasn’t become extinct; it’s just revamped. To me, the sales funnel is closer to a shark, around for a very long time, adapting to survive. Marketing has become an ever-changing world of trends and technology, resulting in our good old sales funnel feeling outdated and inept. Adapting the sales funnel to your needs and structure can be somewhat of a challenge.

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social media strategy agency

A case for bringing social media strategy to agencies

What is the focus of your company’s marketing department? Branding, telling a story, getting the company name in the minds of the target market, right? Right.

What is the focus of your company’s sales department? Building relationships, solving customer problems, bringing in dollars, correct? Good.

What is the focus of your company’s research and development department? Innovating, developing solutions, quality checks. Am I right? Yes.

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